Individual style and original design make us different.

Maintaining the unmistakable characteristics of wood in solid wood production requires time, love, patience and experience as well as complex, traditional processing methods in order to preserve the uniqueness.

At Endo Wood we have an experienced team that recognizes and processes trees from different eras, each with a different story.
EndoWood realizes tailor-made and project-related solid wood furniture and accessories.

Since 1954 we have been transforming exquisite tree trunks in a wide range of unique solid wood beauties in our production - thanks to well-founded, expert craft.
Only the best is good enough for us! We have been relying on quality and sustainability for generations. Our quality is closely in line with the longevity of the chosen / selected trees.

Article 56 of the Turkish Constitution says: 'Everyone has the right to live in a healthy and balanced environment. It is the duty of the state and the citizen to improve and protect the environment and prevent pollution.'
No life without nature! Trees are indispensable elements of nature. As individuals, it is our duty to maintain this awareness and this individual responsibility at the highest level.
EndoWood is firmly anchored in the cycle of nature. He takes his responsibility seriously and helps it with the sustainable reforestation of forests: where old trees are felled, new space is created for young trees.

Our love for wood strengthens our commitment to our work.

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